Router News: A Big Week for Routers

Router News: A Big Week for Routers

This past week has been pretty eventful with regards to router news. It seems like new and innovative routers are being revealed or released left and right. There are so many recent news items, that it might be hard to understand it all. This article will go through some of the more interesting reports and give you a short summary of the story. We have also included some videos for additional information.

OnHub Gets Support for IFTTT


Google’s high-tech smart router is the first to gain support for IFTTT. This allows you to automate tasks, such as turning on a light whenever a device connects to OnHub. IFTTT (pronounced like “gift” without the “g”) works by using simple conditional statements, known as “recipes”. Google has provided several examples of this on the official IFTTT OnHub Channel.

Watch this video for more information.

ResetPlug: Resets Your Router Automatically


The ResetPlug is a new product aiming to eliminate a common problem: the need to reset your router when the internet goes down, which seems to happen every time you really need it. To solve this issue, the inventors have come up with a clever gadget that monitors the internet connection. If it ever goes down, the smart plug will automatically reset the power, no need to get up from the couch. All you have to do is plug your Wi-Fi router or modem into the ResetPlug, and let the magic gizmo do its job.

Starry Station: The Ambient Touchscreen WiFi Station

Starry Station Scenario

A startup called Starry is planning on revolutionizing the consumer internet industry. Their first stop on the way to “engineering the new internet” is Wi-Fi. The company’s initial product is a beautiful triangle named Starry Station. It promises to provide “a window into your Wi-Fi” by showing you “your entire network at a glance.” It does this with a slick touchscreen which also lets you do many other useful tasks. The interactive mode is described as “a gateway to your Health Score, your Wi-Fi name and password, your Internet Speed, and more.” Also notable is the ability to get tech support anytime you want: “With Starry Station, you can request a support call from a Starry Expert, directly from the touchscreen. A Starry Expert will call you in no time flat.”

Watch this video for more information.


Ubiquiti Unveils Consumer-Oriented AmpliFi

Ubiquity AmpliFi Scenario

Ubiquiti has traditionally been enterprise-geared. Now however, the networking tech company has revealed a decidedly consumer-oriented product. Amplifi is a unique Wi-Fi system contained in a unique package. The cube-shaped router features a round touchscreen for quick viewing of relevant information like your current internet speed. There are three different Amplifi products: Amplifi, Amplifi LR (Long Range), and Amplifi HD (High Density). Each set includes a base station and two wireless extenders. Where they differ is in their range and price.

Watch this video for more information.

Ignition’s Portal Launches on Kickstarter

Portal Router Rendering

A new router named Portal is the latest in a slew of radical router debuts. The company behind the idea, Ignition Design Labs, raised over $200,000 within three days of the device’s launch on Kickstarter. Ignition says it is “the biggest breakthrough in Wi-Fi in 15 years.” Portal has gained significant interest from the media for its ambitious claims. Among these claims is an ability to access triple the spectrum normally available to typical consumer routers, “enabling up to 300 times faster performance.” According to Ignition, their products have been certified by the FCC to use radio frequencies generally reserved for radar use. While there have been some high-profile disappointments with such aspiring Kickstarter projects as this one, this endeavor appears to be genuine. Ignition was founded by former Qualcomm engineers, so it is presumed to have some experience in the world of wireless networking.

Watch this video for more information.

Well, that’s all the router news for now…

With all this router news it’s easy to get carried away and want it all. But of course you only really need one router (or Wi-Fi system). That’s why we’ll continue to cover the latest in the router world, and offer suggestions about which products are best. These choices are curated in the Shop, where we feature the greatest – and only the greatest – routers available.

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