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Plume: “Routers just became retro”

Plume Pods

A new company has entered the race to revolutionize home wireless routers. There have been quite a few new ideas floating around lately, but Plume Design, Inc. says this is different. Just yesterday Plume announced their first product. Plume uses a proprietary technology called Adaptive Wi-Fi™ to enhance the Wi-Fi experience. Plume says their cloud powered devices are “the world’s first self-optimizing WiFi”. Instead of having one router for the whole house, this system distributes Wi-Fi through individual pods which adapt dynamically to each individual connected device. Because it uses this mesh-network style Wi-Fi solution, Plume says their product “isn’t a killer router. It’s a router-killer”.

One description states that “by actively monitoring the home network, as well as the devices connected to it, Plume detects interference and continuously makes decisions to improve signal, speed, and resiliency.” Each of these small devices get plugged into a standard electric outlet, except for one, which gets connected to your modem and serves as the hub for the rest.

Six Champagne Plume Pods


From the FAQ page: Plume is scheduled to ship to those who pre-ordered between the months of September and November 2016. We are busy testing the product in different environments and acquiring the necessary certifications to bring you the best product possible.

The minimum suggested number of pods is one per room. “The minimum order of 6 Pods fits most 2-3 bedroom homes. You can add more as needed for each room in your house.”

Plume comes in three different colors: Champagne, Silver, and Onyx and is currently available for preorder here.

You can read more information about the announcement in the official blog post. This article will soon be updated to include more detailed information.

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